Teaching / Master Classes

The voice is the most personal and intimate of all instruments since its connection to our emotional state is so effectively intertwined. The work is not only about discovering the voice, but utilizing the mind, body and spirit to support your true artistry. In a sense, getting out of your own way in order for the work to do what’s necessary to uncover the entire balanced performer.~Michelle Mallardi

Meghan Miles
I feel so fortunate to have walked into Michelle’s studio 6 years ago—I spent just one hour learning from her and it became quite undeniable I was going to be learning from one of the best!  Over these past years, Michelle has become an incredible mentor who has played a critical part in my journey to becoming a stronger singer and a more courageous artist.  She has given me tools to understanding my voice that has propelled me in every aspect of performance.  Seeing Michelle’s commitment to her craft and learning from her undeniable passion and belief in her teachings, has lead me to discover my own true vocal capabilities.  She has taken not only my voice but my confidence to new heights!  I came to her studio as a young girl who just loved to sing and now, with training from Michelle, I am working professionally in this business!  There is nobody like her!
Emily Locklear
I have been taking vocal lessons since I was eight and have never been so confident in both my teacher and myself than I am with Michelle. She has taught me the mechanics of singing as well as how to live in the emotion of each note. Even doing your warm ups should be a physical and emotional process. I have never understood the science/technique of singing as much as I do with Michelle. She has the ability to communicate to you what she is trying to teach and finds a way to help you use the technique with your true voice. There is no “putting on” a different voice or “trying” to be a musical theatre singer. In each lesson I have an “aha” moment where I realize something new I can take away for the week. Taking lessons with Michelle has given me the freedom to release into my true voice and to let myself out through my singing.
Meghan Ross following Mallardi’s solo act performance
I was lucky enough to see one of my most important mentors perform her show tonight. I couldn’t stop laughing, crying and smiling through out your performance. Every word you said, every note you sang, I believed every bit of it. You were amazing and inspiring. If it weren’t for you I would not be the singer I am today. You have played a very important part in my life and continue to through out my journey. I am glad I could be there to see something so special to you come alive this evening. It’s not every day you get to learn from an actual Disney Princess. Thank you and congratulations on a wonderful performance!

Michelle teaches voice from her home as well as at CW Post College. She has students on broadway and off broadway and offers audition master classes with fellow broadway performers and musical directors.